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Model: Internet 5G Box Pro2 (<- it looks like this one)
Tariff: gigakraft 5G 250 6/21 i


Location: Vienna Badgasse 

Device any (tested on several)
(things I tried: restarting router, having only one device connected per LAN)

usually my ping is better during the early morning but only then (4-  6 am)


If somone could give me advice on the slow ping or recommendation for a different model I would be very happy, thanks in advance.
In the link you will find all the data

Bearbeitet von Karp
missed something

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Hi @Karp,


if your mobile internet connection is slower, here is a first help to optimize it:: https://www.magenta.at/faq/entries/~technische-anfrage~mobiles-internet~erste-hilfe.

Information about Ping, can you find here:: https://blog.magenta.at/2021/04/26/high-ping-vermeiden/


Kind regards, Jonathan


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Hi @Karp
A lower download speed then the upload speed would indicate an overloaded cell site. Since the downlink is typically used more than the uplink upload speeds are often better than the download speeds. And in conjunction the ping times increase.

If the location the speedtest was conducted at is somewhat accurate you are at the border of Vienna and Groß-Enzersdorf.

According to the coverage map you would barely be in the 5G service area, with the closest 5G equipped sites just over a kilometer to the west. So, it would be good if you could position the router at a western facing window if possible.

If would also be good to know if the router connects with 5G and 4G or just 4G. You can find this information in the admin panel (open while you are connected to the router). The default admin password is printed on the bottom of the device.

Also, while you have the admin panel open could you look up the information about the cellular connection? You should be able to find these unter "Advanced" -> "System" -> "Device Information" (or in German: "Erweitert" -> "System" -> "Geräteinformationen"). If you want to upload a screenshot make sure to not include the IP & MAC Address, as well as the IMEI number.

regards NTM


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