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Early termination of the contract to 24 months

Dear community,


I am Gianvito Romano and I need Internet in my apartment for a period of probably around 1 year because I will leave for work reasons. I have a simple question: Is it possible to close one contract (es: gigakraft 75) after a period of fewer than 24 months?

If yes, is there any penalty to be paid, how much?

If not, how it can be closed?

Thank you so much.


All the best,


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It is sometime possible to get a contract without minimum time, the are a bit more expensive.


If a smaller package would fit, then have a look at the prepaid versions for mobile.


Or is the contract already ongoing?


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Thank you for the answer. 

No, the contract is not ongoing. However, I do not want to put the version with a mobile SIM router because of its bad quality.

In addition, Today I went to one Magenta shop and one shop assistant told me that there is the possibility to close one contract before than 24 months without any penalty only if you prove you are moving out of the country for work reason. Is it true? Because it is exactly because I do not want 24 months, I will leave early for Germany.

Thank you


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If Internet over Cable is available at the address you can get it without any minimum contract length (well technically it would be at least two months) or when Cable isn't available, you can get DSL/FTTH with a minimum contract length of 12 months.


The catch is that you need to opt-out of any promotions if you want to go without a minimum contract length or with the reduced minimum contract length. This means no free month(s) at the beginning, and you would need to pay the activation fee.

For the example with the gigakraft 75 (Cable)/fix 75 (DSL/FTTH):

  • twelve monthly fees: 30€ (x12 = 360€)
  • one one-time activation fee: 39.99€
  • one to two annual service fees: 27€ (x1 = 27€ / x2 = 54€ | This depends on how long the contract actually runs. If it is below a full 12 months, you wouldn't need to pay a second service fee, but this is only possible for Cable. If the contract runs for over 12 months you will need to pay a second service fee, but you should get most if it back.)
  • (optional) expert installation if wanted or necessary (for example if there is no wiring in an apartment): 79,99€


You can get the version of the contract without a minimum contract length or the reduced minimum contract length in store, via phone or online when you write "Ich möchte keine Aktion nutzen und stimme somit auch keiner Mindestvertragsdauer von 24 Monaten zu." (I don't want to use any offers and therefore don't agree to a minimum contract duration of 24 months.) into the "Anmerkungsfeld" (comments field) which you can find during checkout in the "2. Kontaktdaten & Sicherheit" (2. Contact details & security) section. Sources: Steffi (1) & Steffi (2)




There is a section about canceling your contract when you move outside the country, but it states that you would need to pay all monthly fees until the end of the minimum contract duration immediately when you move out of the country. 



In any case a contract can only be cancelt with the end of a month and the cancelation needs to be sent in written form over a month before (best at least six weeks before).


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