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How to install HomeNet Box E5170s-22?



Hello ppl,

My wife got this 30 days test drive with E5170s-22 Net Box (50Mbps). I connected all but it is barely working. Not sure if I have done it wrong or what so I am here to ask for help.

- SIM Card installed

- Battery installed

- It asked me to upload and I did it, waited for about 40 mins!

I couldnt even do a SpeedTest. I had to download Ookla on my PC and finaly today I was able to run SpeedTest and I got this 


I can not find any more instructions, there are no extra instructions in box.

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There are not many settings what you can do for the speed. 

  1. You can try to fix it to LTE and/or 3G (sometimes it performes better with 3G)
  2. If basically the connection is working it could be single a lack of network coverage
  3. Try to find a better place in the house/flat - maybe there is a better position

As you described you did not something wrong. Installing this interenet is easy and nothing other things to do. Try the position and the fixing and if this is not working send it back. Then your coverage is to bad to keep it. 


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Thanks NED,

Well, I am using LAN connection and WiFi. And I am living 100 meters from main street in Linz but that one could be the reason why my net is not stable. Good thing I still have 30Mbps from A1 but not for long.

Best Regards NED

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