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  1. How to install HomeNet Box E5170s-22?

    Yea, I tried all modes. LTE is best for now. I have moved the box 2 meters and results variates. Looks like I will have play around with relocating.
  2. How to install HomeNet Box E5170s-22?

    Thanks NED, Well, I am using LAN connection and WiFi. And I am living 100 meters from main street in Linz but that one could be the reason why my net is not stable. Good thing I still have 30Mbps from A1 but not for long. Best Regards NED
  3. How to install HomeNet Box E5170s-22?

    After hitting the RESET button I have even worse results.
  4. How to install HomeNet Box E5170s-22?

    Hello ppl, My wife got this 30 days test drive with E5170s-22 Net Box (50Mbps). I connected all but it is barely working. Not sure if I have done it wrong or what so I am here to ask for help. - SIM Card installed - Battery installed - It asked me to upload and I did it, waited for about 40 mins! I couldnt even do a SpeedTest. I had to download Ookla on my PC and finaly today I was able to run SpeedTest and I got this http://prntscr.com/ff14hd I can not find any more instructions, there are no extra instructions in box.

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