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Keine Ergebnisse

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  1. Ping problem

    Hello, unfortunately I cannot speak German that well in order to explain my issue. I have bought the Homenet Turbo option with 70 MBits down and 14 up and I have been always having connection problems and never gotten the amount of speed that I am paying for and I have to say that it's quite frustrating. I have tried contacting through phone but to no success, I've tried changing the connection between 3G and LTE and honestly I have no idea what to do anymore, I've changed my home too and it's pretty much the same connection here if not a bit better. The most I've gotten was 25 MBits down, but I'm usually having like 5-10 MBits down and upgrading my contract to a better internet won't do much since I don't think it would improve connection if I'm not even getting to the amount I'm currently paying for. The ping I'm usually having when playing online games is around 60 but it ALWAYS spikes up to 200-300 ping and it's honestly unplayable at that point, it usually does that when my brother or anyone in the house watches a video on 720p which is kind of a problem since I'm only getting 5 MBits down. If you know any way I could improve the connection, because honestly I'm thinking of changing my internet provider since this is pretty frustrating.

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