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  1. So the technician came yesterday and it turns out the line is cut somewhere in the flat. The building itself has a functioning line but somewhere in the apartment itself the line is cut/disconnected. An electrician would have to come and install a new cable line throughout the flat. This seems to be along the lines of what you suggested the problem could be. The technician was really nice and informative. He made a note for Magenta to give us a free LTE modem for a month as we wait for the issue to be resolved. The cost of a new line being installed is roughly 80 euros, which I don't think is too bad and we'll likely go for this option.
  2. Hi Christian, I won't have any news until after the 12th when the technician comes. I've tried resetting the modem in the mean time but still no change. We will see after Monday. I will post an update here when we figure out what the issue is.
  3. I never got the SMS but I called today and the modem is registered and they said the line connection is okay. They're sending a technician to come on the 12th to hopefully solve the issue. I'm not sure what it could be now. Thanks again for keeping in touch.
  4. Still waiting on an SMS from Magenta. I made sure my phone number is correct. It will be two weeks on Tuesday since I've called the technical hotline. The same thing happened when I first started my contract and had to wait for activation. How do I get a technician to come? I'd like to have someone personally inspect this problem rather than hope the person on the technical hotline solves the problem with something that requires me to wait with no contact.
  5. Thanks for the reply Christian. I called the hotline on Tuesday to ask if they could measure the line, but the representative said the new modem first needs to be activated. I'm still expecting an SMS from Magenta telling me it's been activated. I don't know how long this usually takes.
  6. No. I called the technical hotline again and they suggested I go to the Magenta shop and replace my modem. I did this and still no change. I also confirmed that the address is correct with my landlord. It looks like I will need to request a technician to visit and check the lines maybe.
  7. Hi everyone, Unfortunately it's best if I write in English rather than German. I will provide the summary here: I've had my contract now for a month and not once have I had functioning internet. For the first two weeks my account couldn't get activated despite customer service saying it should be activated by the night of which I made the contract. After two weeks it was activated, but my modem does not get any RF signal. I have been checking every day and still no signal at both cable outlets in my flat and I've checked to make sure the connections are secure. The error reads "Kein RF signal erkannt / No RF signal detected". I've tried contacting the technical hotline but unfortunately the person couldn't speak English with me last time I tried. I don't know what to do anymore. The employees at the Magenta shop tell me they can't help me and I have to contact the technical hotline. More detailed explanation: A month ago I started a kabel-based internet contract with Magenta which uses the UPC Connect Box (Internet Fiber Box 2 I believe is the other name). My wall does not have a direct co-axial connector but my modem came with the necessary adapter which seems to be the norm here in Graz. For two weeks I waited for an activation message which was supposed to be delivered by SMS I was told. After two weeks and several calls to magenta and visits to the magenta shop, I received an e-mail (not SMS) from Magenta telling me my account is activated. The entire time (both before "activation" and after), my modem tells me the error "Kein RF signal erkannt / No RF signal detected". Originally this was assumed to be because my account wasn't activated and a technician wouldn't be necessary. I even asked if the physical line itself at the house needs to be turned on/activated by someone and they said it already was. So all I had to do was wait for the activation. Two weeks ago I received the activation e-mail but there's been no change in the error. I have two outlets in my apartment where the co-axial cable can be plugged into. I've tried both numerous times and I've checked to make sure the connections are as secure as they can be. Does anyone have advice on what I can do? I'd like to maybe try and get a technician here.