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  1. Dear Magenta, Thank you for the disgraceful support you have been offering past days. Your 250Mb/s fiber internet not once reached its full speed, and not even close. I was satisfied even with the third of the speed although I never paid you a third of the bill, but full price. Now it is becoming more than 10 times slower than the marketed package that you have sold me, and completely impossible to watch full HD DAZN (it looks like I am on a dial-up). I have done multiple measuring over the days, on multiple devices and this is a disgrace, or scam to call it more precise. I am trying to reach your support, but we are being ignored and temporarily serviced, or not serviced at all. By now we have no more options than to quit the contract with you, and perhaps even request a refund for unfairly paid bill. It is almost impossible to contact any of your support, and even harder to get something solved. Instead of a smooth experience I have to waste regularly my time on trying to beg for the service for which I paid for. At this point, as a last resort of possible resolution I really am asking you honestly can you deliver the service for the money you are charging? If not, can you please show where and how to cancel my internet contract and I will find someone who can earn the money that he charges. I am really wondering, are you even capable to offer 250Mb speed, or at least something close to that number, or you are just marketing completely fake number? Kind regards, your dear customer