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  1. Received a bill for my modem, which I gave back to Magenta in July?!

    Right, OK, so I need to call or use the app. Will do.
  2. Received a bill for my modem, which I gave back to Magenta in July?!

    @NTMYes, I did. Everything was confirmed for me in the store when I took in the modem. So can this charge be removed from my bill now? I don't understand, do you people work for Magenta? Can I not just be helped from here now that I am here? I no longer live in Austria and don't want to make international calls...
  3. Hi, I cancelled my UPC Internet at the end of June 2019. Today I received a bill from you, 50 for internet and 65 for modem. First, please confirm for me that the contract has been cancelled. Second, I gave my modem back to the Magenta store in Vienna Mariahilferstr in mid July 2019. The guy in the store confirmed that everything was fine, so why am I now getting changed for the modem? Please reverse this charge. Also, is this forum really the only way to contact customer support online? Sorry, I couldn't find any other way to do it.
  4. Internet ontract termination from overseas

    Hi, Thanks for the links. I think it's pretty crazy that you'd try to change till end of August, since I've been writing since last week and just getting auto replies saying 'sorry we are very busy right now'. My plan was to cancel before leaving Austria, but I guess site redesigns made it pretty hard to do that. I will hope that UPC/T-Mobile/Magenta (not so trustworthy, when it keeps changing names) is understanding of their own site issues when I go through the cancellation process tomorrow morning. I still can't log into the various apps I am supposed to use to speak with someone, since my old credentials are not accepted. It's an absolute nightmare, and should not be passed on to customers. I will update this space with whether or not I was forced stay two months in a contract because of this platform overhaul
  5. Internet ontract termination from overseas

    I recently left Vienna, and therefore need to cancel my UPC internet plan as soon as possible. I had it for around two years with no problems. Unfortunately I can't find a simple place to do this online in the Magenta system. I would very much appreciate if somebody from customer support could get in contact with me and help me with termination. I can't speak German, which makes it really hard to do over the phone. And because I'm not in Austria anymore, I can't visit the office in person.

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