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  1. Thank you @IT-Freak. Where exactly at magenta.at/service can I request that? I couldn't find it; by WhatsApp they told me that they cannot do technical stuff and I couldn't contact yesterday the hotline for technical support... Is there another way, like email? Thanks again.
  2. I would like to open some ports in my Connect Box, but I cannot acces the "Port Forwarding" menu. After some research, I found that my router should have the "Port Forwarding" menu under the Security settings . Nevertheless, mine looks like this: Could you please help me to be able to access this configuration? Thank you! P.S.: I know that most likely, I need magenta to setup something in my account, but I was not able to reach the customer technical service by phone. So if someone from magenta needs my customer number, I can provide it by private message.