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Connection not secure for zoom.us

Simon L


Hi All,

I have tried to get to log in to zoom.us so that I can video meet, I also can't log into the IOS zoom app on my iPad or phone.  when I connect via magenta mobile internet or home 5G mobile internet the site is blocked and I get an invalid security certificate warning for a certificate *.tech.t-mobile.at  I tried to click to go to the zoom.us website anyway and now I an stuck on a blank white page at the address https://saferinternet.tech.t-mobile.at/cms-blockingpage-webui/faces/login.xhtml .  Does anyone know how to access zoom.


Image 30.10.21 at 16.27.jpg

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Similar issues have been reported here with regards to access the Steam game store.

One potential fix is to cancel the Internetschutz (internet protection) add-on and reboot the router an hour or two after the cancelation (although it might work sooner).


The problem will probably be resolved on the next business day (Tuesday, due Monday beeing a public holiday) at the earliest.


Ähnliche Probleme wurden hier bereits in Bezug auf Steam berichtet.

Eine mögliche Lösung wäre das Internetschutz Add-On zu kündigen und den Router ein bis zwei Stunden nach der Kündigung neu zu starten (obwohl es möglicherweise früher funktioniert).


Wahrscheinlich wird das Problem frühestens am nächsten Werktag (Dienstag, wegen Feiertag) behoben.

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