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Connect box random restarts




During the last couple of weeks, our connect box restarts itself without any particular reason. 
The reboot problem always occurs in the evening, when we are using it. It reboots at least 3-4 times per hour and oftentimes many times more.
Below you can find a screenshot from the network section (Advanced Settings -> Tools -> Network status -> Downstream) - the screenshot was captured after an uptime of approximately 20 minutes.
What do the high error numbers mean? Are they the result of a broken network connection or is the modem itself broken?

The result is that our internet is pretty much unusable. Please advise.

Best Regards,



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Hi @Rand,


Thanks for your reply. I followed your advise and contacted support. Apparently there is something wrong with my modem. I'm waiting right now for a replacement. I will update here once i get the new one connected and working.




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Hi @Karol,


high error numbers can be an indication of many things. The main concern is of course the network connection itself.

I can tell you that at least channel 13 seems to have a major issue.


For detailed analysis and trouble shooting I suggest to contact our support.



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