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  1. Possibilty to change to another type of internet

    I decided to go tomorrow morning down to their store and ask if they can replace it with a dsl connection,other than that i have no idea what else to do since the packet loss is making the internet almost unusable in some situations.
  2. Possibilty to change to another type of internet

    Unfortunately when i input my address in their availability check it only shows the internet flex options but i know for sure that some of my neighbours have other types of internet from magenta not this 4g thing that i got which is horrible honestly.My biggest issue is with the high packet loss that happens all the time. Adding to my comment here,i have been in contact with someone on the lteforum.at , they said that i do have a dsl connection at my home so why isn't it showing on the availability check?I just need a stable connection without any sort of packet loss for video/voice calls and maybe some games from time to time.I work from home and when packet loss is happening the calls get distorted,they stop for a few seconds or crash altogether.
  3. Hello and sorry for having to write in english but i am coming with yet another issue related to my internet.This time i am looking to change to another type of internet but i already have this contract for over a month or so.Currently i have the Magenta Internet Flex 150 and is becoming unusable due to extremely low speeds and high packet loss.My question is,is there any possibility to change to another type?Like a dsl one or the gigakraft,these being more stable than the 4g one that i currently have. I used the telematica website to check my address and there are a few dsl options available but i am not exactly sure what they mean so i decided to ask here before going down to one of their stores so i could be able to talk more in depth about things there.Thank you for taking the time to read this.
  4. Blocked websites and throttled internet speed

    Ok so to do a little update,i ended up sending them a message on the website,not sure now if that is what fixed the issue or not but earlier this day i unlocked the website,which makes it work but for around 5 minutes then it gets locked again,and restarted the router and haven't had any more issues.The whole thing seems weird and i still am not sure what really fixed the problem.
  5. Blocked websites and throttled internet speed

    Hello and sorry for writing this in english but my german is pretty bad.So,my issue here is that around 2 weeks ago i changed to another internet package from Magenta(Internet Flex 150),seems to work fine during certain times of the day but from 18:00 to around 22:00 my speed is severely throttled and i experienced packet loss.And on top of all of this since 3 days ago i haven't been able to access Steam,neither the website or the windows application.So far i did antiviruses scans,malware scans,restarted the internet router,reseted it to factory settings,nothing seems to work.My last option will be to call their hotline to ask for help there but i'm not sure if they even have an english one.I'm posting this hoping that i may have missed something and the solution is very simple.Thank you for taking time to read this and again my apologies for having to write in english.

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