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  1. Tomtom

    Disconnection issue

    Hi Mario, I tried LTE only during the week and the issue still happened a few times, since yesterday I put 3g only which made my connection slower but it also happened once this morning I believe. What should be my next step? KR, Thomas
  2. Tomtom

    Disconnection issue

    Hi Mario, Thanks for your reply! I just checked the settings late in the evening yesterday and noticed it was set as "Auto". So I'll test tonight if it goes better only in LTE or 3G, I will let you know. KR, Thomas
  3. Hi Everyone, My apologies for writing in English but my writing is quite terrible in German, I hope this is fine. I have been a customer of T-mobile for almost 2 years now (in Vienna), using internet “My HomeNet unlimited Light” and everything worked out well until a couple of weeks ago. For some reason, there is suddenly no internet connection on our network. Our devices (phones, computers,...) are still connected to the wifi network but they indicate that there is no internet connection. Either it takes about a few minutes and reconnects by itself, or when it takes about 5 minutes, I need to manually restart the router. I have also tried to remove the battery hoping this would reset the router and fix the issue but no success there. This gets quite annoying when we are connected, then disconnected for 5 minutes, then reconnect for one minute, then disconnected again. There has been no change on our side. With the issue appearing, I have tried placing the router somewhere else in our apartment but it didn’t change anything. Could it be a hardware issue? Is there a way to fix this myself or should I go to a T-Mobile shop? Thank you in advance for your help. Cheers, Thomas