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Issues with Upgrading Klax Tarif on Magenta Prepaid - Need Community Help!



Hello everyone, 


I am an international student here in Vienna and this is my first time with Magenta and it has been really an inconvenience how to navigate this prepaid card Klax tarif. The easier option would be to get a contract with Magenta but I am not qualified to get one.


My sim has initial Klax M package and now it has expired after 4 weeks. I have now a Klax basic package. The problem is, I want to try to register into another Klax package but, for both in the web and app, I am not able to do so. This has been going on for weeks now and the hotline just keeps on telling me to wait since it might be a system glitch and call them after an hour but still, the problem is left unresolved for weeks now. It is very frustrating to spend on per MB charge with Klax basic instead of the option to just register easily with another Klax data package. When I try to register, I am redirected to a page that says "Tarif: Mobile Klax Basic - Dieser Vertrag wird gerade bearbeitet." Please see attached photos for reference. The Magenta community is my last resort to get answers to this issue. If all else fail, I am now considering just canceling this card/number and change to another mobile network provider.


Thank you in advance for your answers.



Update 13-11-2023: Issue has been resolved. Technical and Klax services (phone hotline) helped me and created a request ticket to resolve my account issue. I am now able to register to Klax packages.



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Resolved issue
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