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Contract terminated But I am still paying!

Dear Magenta,

I really hope someone understands English here, the story is simple:

I terminated my contract in July 2019, I had 6 more months left and agreed to pay the rest of the months on August.

Which I did, on August I received a bill of all of the money that was left, and I was told it is going to be the last one.

I returned my Router box and I did everything correctly, I even have the paper the confirms the cancellation of my account

However I saw a bill of 20 Euros this month, as if I am still a costumer.

I already payed everything I need and I am not a costumer anymore, I need you to stop billing my bank account. (and getting back the money for September would be nice)

Thanks in advance




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Hello OriWeinberg! 

I´m sorry that there are some open questions regarding your account and bill. But here we´re an open forum and cannot take a closer look into your account. 

To answer your question is a closer look into your account necessary. Please contact our customer support to get your specific question answered. The users in this community can just answer overall questions. 


0676 2000
Or you can contact us also via WhatsApp ( https://www.magenta.at/service/#whatsapp ) 


Thank you for your understanding. 
Have a nice weekend


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