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Keine Ergebnisse

Keine Ergebnisse

1 Ergebnis gefunden

  1. Contract terminated But I am still paying!

    Dear Magenta, I really hope someone understands English here, the story is simple: I terminated my contract in July 2019, I had 6 more months left and agreed to pay the rest of the months on August. Which I did, on August I received a bill of all of the money that was left, and I was told it is going to be the last one. I returned my Router box and I did everything correctly, I even have the paper the confirms the cancellation of my account However I saw a bill of 20 Euros this month, as if I am still a costumer. I already payed everything I need and I am not a costumer anymore, I need you to stop billing my bank account. (and getting back the money for September would be nice) Thanks in advance

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