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  1. Ordering internet online

    Couldn't really get an answer from customer service seems that English is a problem for them. If I order online should I put my current home address or work address as delivery one? I'm not home from 7-18h every work day. Do they leave package on your doorstep if you aren't home or just notice to pick it up at post office. I'm guessing that delivery will be during workdays. So if I wanted internet at my new flat from 1st of December I should order now?
  2. Ordering internet online

    Hello good people. I'm new to Vienna and I wanted to get my internet from Magenta. I'm currently at a temporary flat and plan on moving into my permanent residence on 1st of December. I was wondering if I can order gigakraft 250 to be delivered at my current address and put my new address as one where I would like to use it. So my question is when does the billing period start? If I order now and it arrives lets say next week I won't connect the modem for another week or so. Will I be billed for this period or will it start once I start using the internet? I would really dislike if 1 of first 3 free months goes into a week where I'm not even using the internet. Thank you for your help in advance.

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