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why do I get a error,ein Fehler in der übertragung ist aufgetreten(13) when trying to connect to Chromecast? 

I have also tried changing my password for both mein magenta and magenta tv 

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Thanks for reaching out to the Google Nest Customer Care Team.

This is about your Chromecast 1st Gen wherein you're having trouble casting from the Magenta TV app. I can assure you that your Chromecast works fine since you can cast from other apps. Here's the list of the troubleshooting steps that we already did to try to fix the issue.

Tried to cast from different apps. Other apps works.

Clear Cache and Clear Data for the Magenta TV app.

Uninstall and reinstall the app.

Reboot the Chromecast device.

Performed a factory reset and setup the Chromecast again.

Restart the phone.

You can provide these steps that we did to Magenta TV support so they can other things that they can do on their end.

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Hello @Mat, try connecting the Chromecast to your TV again with the HDMI cable and connect your smartphone to it. Download the Magenta TV app to your mobile device and start the application. If it does not work and you have already changed your Magenta password, please make sure that the app is not active on more than 3 devices at the same time and that you are connected to the Magenta Internet. If none of this helps, please contact our technical team on 0676 200 7777 so that they can look for the cause. Best regards, Doris

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