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The deadline for unverified Klax prepaid cards is September 1st

Any Magenta Klax prepaid card that is not verified as required by law, will not be able to be topped up or used by September 1st.
What the verification is about, why it is necessary and what verification options are available, you can read here.


Info on the legally required registration

You already had the option to register your prepaid card - meaning to provide name, address, date of birth and so on, with the phone number. Until now these were not verified, as required by law. Simply put: There’s possibly a prepaid card registered to John Doe with every carrier. ;)


Due to a change in legislation, which will come into effect on September 1st, every owner of a prepaid card must be identified – this requires a verification by the carrier.
A verification of this type was not carried out before. Even if you registered your prepaid card in one of our shops several years ago, i.e. shown your ID to our service staff for your details, this does not compare to the mandated identification. The registration must still be verified.


If you registered your prepaid card after October 20th 2018 for the first time, you were already legally identified and don’t need to do it again.


Ways of Identification

There are 3 ways to verify a Klax prepaid card online

  1. Online Banking - an account with a participating bank is required (recommended)
  2. Mobile-ID
  3. Transfer of the Data from a already verified prepaid or postpaid card


Otherwise you can visit us directly in our Magenta Shops


In order to legally register (identify) your prepaid card online, you need:

  • A valid official photo ID
  • PUK or mTAN to verify the number (click here for more information about the PUK)
  • an Internet connection
  • must be older than 14 years



Identification via Serviceline is not possible. The colleagues are not able to perform the verification due to lack of the necessary live query.


If you have further questions or remarks on this topic, please leave a comment here. :)


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